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It was during a work session at a stone masonry plant that designer Shira Keret noticed a unique property at some of the discarded pieces of marble that laid beside the machine. Intrigued by the organic shapes formed by the powerful blasts of water and sand, she began exploring the boundaries of this incidentally formed technique. The process resulted in the Monolith series of tableware objects - a vase, a bowl and serving plates in various sizes.

Photo of Shira Keret working on Monolith Light © Redesign Magazine

"I discovered marble is surprisingly soft," Shira says, "and the organic nature of this industrial process produced unique and unexpected results time and again."

Photo of work process on Monolith Light by Shira Keret © Redesign Magazine

"What interests me is how, as a product designer, I can utilize technology and materials in new, innovative ways," she explains. This interest has previously evoked Tyvek-based inflatable lamps powered by silent inner fans, a glass and wood pestle and mortar set and aluminum vases whose shape is determined by a the crumpling of a powerful press.

For Keret's collaboration with Redesign Magazine and Regba Kitchens, she utilized the company's Corian workshop and experimented with it using the erosion technique employed in the Monolith series. "I found out that Corian can be cut into thin slices that have good translucence, which has led me to turn them into light fixtures."

Each piece in the Monolith Light collection is unique and is held by three copper prongs, fixing it in place without damaging its surface, similarily to how precious stones are held in jewelry. Each fixture is lit by a durable LED bulb and can be installed individually or as part of a bigger composition.

A portrait of product designer Shira Keret

Shira Keret

Shira Keret (b. 1984), founding partner at Keret Laniado design and Four'n'Five design group. Studied at the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design. Her work spans product, graphic and interior design.

Her notable projects include the Monolith series of water-jet carved marble tableware and the Paraphrase series of mortars and pestles. She has won awards such as the second prize at the Designpreis Halle competition, and has exhibited in various design shows in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem; in the International Art Fair for Contemporary Projects at the Saatchi Gallery (2015), London; Design Days Dubai (2015); the Tokyo Design Week (2013) and in the Milan Design Week (2011).

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  • Dimensions 22cm diameter, 8cm deep
  • Materials Corian, Brass, Polymer base
  • Electricity LED fixture, 220V (EU) & 110V (US) versions available
  • Edition Limited Early Edition
  • Price €390

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Limited Edition Print

Monolith Light fixtures were used to block-print this limited series of posters, on high quality, acid-free, 100% recycled paper. Available in gold, silver and white. Each print is numbered and signed by the designer, Shira Keret.

  • Dimensions 55x40cm
  • Paper 300gsm Mohawk Loop, Carbon-neutral, Acid-free
  • Edition 25, signed and numbered
  • Price €35

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